Aug. 11 is Presidential Joke Day!

Anacostia Library

Aug. 11 is Presidential Joke Day!

Since 1984, when President Reagan made a joke about outlawing the existence of the USSR without knowing his microphone was on, Aug. 11 has been Presidential Joke Day! Even though I'm not the president, I do love a good joke.

Here are some of my favorite joke books:
Grin and Bear ItI've always been partial to animal jokes. My little brother would tell them same ones over and over and over. Luckily, we have a great collection of animal jokes for kids who like them as much as we did. Grin and Bear It by Sharon Friedman and Irene Shere includes some great ones.

This Book is aThis Book is a Joke Joke by Holly Kowitt is a collection of comics, jokes, and riddles, with lots of engage kids who like lots of different kinds of books.

Of course, other books can be just as funny as traditional joke books. I have always been partial to Roald Dahl, and his Revolting Rhymes are just as funny (if not more) than lots of joke books.

And a list of book recommendations for Presidential Joke Day wouldn't be complete without some books about the presidents.

I enjoyed See How They Run, a guide to campaigns and elections for kids.

Lives of the PresidentsLives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame, and What the Neighbors Thought details the lives of presidents, but focuses on them as ordinary people: parents, husbands, and yes, neighbors.

What if you want funny and Presidential in one go, just like the holiday? Well, The President's Stuck in the Bathtub is a book of funny poems about U.S. Presidents.

What's your favorite joke made by a President? I'm partial to "Silent Cal" Coolidge, the notoriously taciturn President. When confronted at a dinner with a woman who told him that she had made a bet that she could get him to say at least 3 words in conversation at dinner, he responded, "You lose."
-- Ms. Sho, Children's Librarian