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Rotters by Daniel Kraus

Book and Audio book of title Rotters by Daniel Kraus
We all have a little Rotter in us.

In this horror tale, we meet Joey Crouch. After the death of his mother, Joey is forced to go live with his estranged father (Ken Harnett) in a small town called Bloughton, Iowa. His dad doesn't show up to pick him up from the train station.

After Joey walks the 30 minutes from the train station to the house, he finds a shack that looks not more than a cabin inside. There are stacks of newspapers taller than him, dust more than an inch thick and that Stench. Unknown to Joey at the time, it was the smell of death.

Joey finds Harnett is gone for days at a time, there is no food in the house and to top it off, things are not going well at school. It's safe to say Joey hates Bloughton. Joey has a plan though. He's going to find where his dad goes for days at a time, and why that stench permeates throughout the entire cabin.

This gruesome tale pushes you to your limits and beyond.