'The Borrowers' Book Review

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'The Borrowers' Book Review

Tiny People Meet Human "Beans"

borrowerspicPod, Homily and Arrietty are Borrowers: They live hidden in the houses of human "beans," and borrow small things, here and there, as they need them. Borrowers are about the size of a pencil, and live in large, quiet houses where they can keep track of where the humans are.

When they need something, such as a match, thimble, safety pin, or even some ham or a potato, they make sure that the humans don't see them when they borrow. If they are seen by humans, they will be chased out of their home.

Pod, Homily and Arrietty have lived under the floorboards, under the clock, for years. They have enjoyed a happy life, following their daily routine, while Pod borrows at night. Arrietty longs to go outside and explore the world she can only see through the grate. She gets her chance when Pod takes her with him on a rare borrowing trip during they day.

As she's sitting outside, feeling the breeze, smelling the flowers and enjoying the beautiful blue sky, she meets a human "bean," a boy. He's very surprised to see her, and she is not afraid of him. Arrietty and the boy form an uneasy friendship, and he agrees to bring her new things to read, and maybe even some furniture from the dollhouse! Of course, Pod and Homily are terrified, and fear that they will lose their home once the boy sees them.

Will Arrietty risk her home and family to have a friend? Will the boy tell the other human "beans" in the house that there are Borrowers, or will he keep Arrietty's trust? If you want to know what happens to the Clock family, come to the library and pick up a copy of The Borrowers by Mary Norton!