Meet Susie!

Mt. Pleasant Library

Meet Susie!

A Mt. Pleasant Library Volunteer

Photo of Susie the dogPhoto of Susie reading at the library

Susie is a PAL volunteer and visits the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library when her schedule permits.
Here are ten facts about our very sweet Susie:
  1. Susie was rescued from an animal shelter in Boston,where her mommy was a volunteer, in February 2009.
  2. Susie is an expert hugger and kisser.
  3. Susie has gone trick or treating with the neighborhood kids 3 years in a row. Her dad even made a pumpkin with Susie's face on it.
  4. Susie has a half tan and half white face. On the tan side, her eyelashes are tan and on the white side, her eyelashes are white!
  5. Susie has two cousins: a bunny named Alf and a Shiba Inu named Noland.
  6. On sunny days, Susie loves to sunbathe.
  7. Susie knows all the stores in the Reston Town Center that give out doggie treats. She likes to go "shopping" for these treats whenever she is there.
  8. Susie has over 15 bandannas that she wears when she goes out to work as a therapy dog. Her favorite is a pink bandanna that says "Diva" and "Cutie Girl" on it.
  9. Susie loves to eat Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream on hot summer days. Her favorite flavor is vanilla. She even gets a little ice cream mustache afterwards!
  10. Susie's favorite color is pink since her nose turns pink on hot days.
To meet Susie in person, please come to our PAL Pajama Party on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.

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Photo of Susie the dog at HalloweenPhoto of Susie the dog reading at the library