Eating Dirt!

Francis A. Gregory Library

Eating Dirt!

Food Crafts at the library

Have you ever eaten dirt? What about worms and ants? Doesn’t sound too appetizing, does it? Here at the Francis A. Gregory branch though, we have a few children who don’t mind a little mud. They might even say that it’s pretty yummy.

As part of the Dig Into Reading and Read With Me Summer Reading programs, the Children’s Room is having a Food Craft program through the end of July, generously sponsored by the Friends of Francis A. Gregory Library. For this week’s gardening theme we made dirt cups, mini models of soil layers.

We started with some bedrock:
Bedrock! (Seriously, it's oreos)

Added a little subsoil:
Subsoil (a little vanilla or chocolate pudding)

Added a layer of top soil:
Toil soil (crumbled up chocolate chip cookies)

...and finished off with some surface litter.  Also making an appearance, some friendly earth worms to help decompose the other rotting matter on our forest floor:
Surface litter and some yummy-er, friendly earthworms. 

Though it might look a little gross, making dirt cups is a delicious way to have fun and learn a little science at the same time!