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African Voices

August Film Series

Watch four compelling stories about Africa. Some of the films are based on actual events. The screenings are free and all movies begin at 6 p.m.

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August 6 -- Invictus (2009)
PG-13, 133 min.
Nelson Mandela won the presidency of South Africa when apartheid collapsed in 1994. Yet, he understood that his country was dangerously divided. Mandela developed the Springboks - the country's rugby team (and the underdog) - as an emblem to unify and strengthen the national spirit. The team hosted the World Cup in 1995 with an unlikely result. Starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. Read more about the true story that inspired the Academy Award-nominated film in Playing the Enemy by journalist John Carlin.

August 13 -- Out of Africa (1985)
PG, 150 min.
Meryl Streep and Robert Redford star in the adaptation of Isak Dinesen's memoir of life in Africa. It is the true story of a Danish baroness, her coffee plantation in Kenya, and her love affair with an equally strong-willed hunter. The film won several awards, including the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director.

August 20 -- Hotel Rwanda (2004)
PG-13, 121 min.
Paul Rusesabagina was the manager of a 5-star hotel in Kigali. Paul was a Hutu, but his wife was a Tutsi. When Paul's conscience questioned the actions of the Hutu Power movement, his hotel became a shelter for many Tutsis. Although his heroic deeds put him in extreme danger, Paul was able to save more than 1,200 people. Starring Don Cheadle, Joaquin Phoenix, and Nick Nolte. Visit our library to read more about the making of the film.

August 27 -- A Dry White Season (1989)
R, 107 min.
Schoolteacher Ben du Toit leads a sheltered life as a white man in South Africa. When the son of his black gardener disappears after a protest, Ben looks into the incident and discovers that the system is violent and unfair. Ben's inquiry opens a Pandora's box and he experiences the contempt of his friends and family. Starring Donald Sutherland and Susan Sarandon. Based on the novel by André Brink.