Practice Math with Sushi Monster!

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Practice Math with Sushi Monster!

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Sushi MonsterWhat's way more fun than math homework, and almost as goofy as going out for dinner with a ravenous sushi-eating monster?  Playing Sushi Monster, of course!  

Sushi Monster is a free app from Scholastic that lets kids practice their addition and multiplication skills.  You get to pick what level you want to start at, and can take as long as you need to answer.  The soundtrack's chill rhythm never gets old as, plate after plate, you add or multiply the price tags of different sushi entrees to produce a specific number.  When you get it right, the sushi monster gobbles them up!  If not, he throws them back.  Don't worry: The game is completely non-violent, and the sushi monster is really kinda cute ... for a monster.  Not at all scary!

Even though I'm a grown-up, my math skills are pretty weak.  Sushi Monster is so fun and supportive, I now use it all the time to practice my addition and multiplication.  Highly recommended for any kid (or teen, or adult!) who doesn't mind a little fun while improving their skills.  

If you've never downloaded an app before, stop by our brand new Digital Commons on the first floor where a library staff member can show you how!