'Chess in Action: From First Attack to Checkmate'

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

'Chess in Action: From First Attack to Checkmate'

A Beginner's Chess Book Worth Reading!

Chess in Action by Paul Mantell and Dean IppolitoIf you have ever tried to pick up the game of chess from reading a book, you may have noticed that books on chess are almost always cripplingly dense and dry. Even for experienced chess players the awkward nature of "algebraic chess notation" can make reading such books feel like decoding a secret message. Chess in Action: From First Attack to Checkmate is a refreshing change of pace from the run of the mill strategy book.

This book is logically laid out to cater to first-time players, explaining the pieces' movements with easy-to-understand digital graphics. It smoothly transitions into basic chess principles, explained for beginners, but in-depth enough for seasoned chess veterans to learn something new. If you are interested in teaching yourself how to play or improving your game, players of any age will enjoy this fresh approach to the game of kings.

And don't forget! Players of any skill level, including absolute beginners, are welcome to play on Teen Chess Night here at the Bellevue Library every Tuesday at 6 p.m.