Hen of the Baskervilles

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Hen of the Baskervilles

Chickens Fly the Coop

The Hen of the BaskervillesOnce again, Donna Andrews has come up with a very enjoyable Meg Langdorf mystery, Hen of the Baskervilles

Meg, who is married and a mother of twins, works as a blacksmith, and amateur sleuth in the little town of Caerphilly, Virginia. In this story, she is in charge of a local agricultural fair.

This isn't just a typical county fair -- rare breed chickens are stolen from a couple named Bonneville. Other problems crop up at the fair too; including murder.

Luckily, Meg has a cousin who is a forensic technician, and other cousins who are lawyers, and a father who's a doctor. She as usual, solves the crime with the help of her relatives.