'Pukka: the Pup After Merle' by Ted Kerasote

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'Pukka: the Pup After Merle' by Ted Kerasote

Pukka: The Pup After Merle Merle's Door was Ted Kerasote's very popular book about his "freethinking dog." It has been considered one of the best dog books ever written by people who have written some of the best dog books ever.

Pukka - the Pup After Merle
takes us a few years after Merle's death, when Ted feels it's finally time for another dog. He starts looking around the country for a dog pretty much like Merle. He's careful to meet the pup's relatives (canine and human). 

The book is mostly pictures of the adorable, bright, and playful Pukka, including Ted's meticulous testing of the pups in the litter and Pukka's meticulous shredding of Ted's notebook.

Pukka's grown up now; here he tells you how things are going.