Rapture Practice

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Rapture Practice

A story of faith, family and breaking the rules

Rapture Practice cover artAaron Hartzler has never had a problem making friends.  He's smart, charismatic, and dresses straight from the pages of GQ Magazine.  Growing up in Kansas City, he also harbors some big dreams of making it big on Broadway or becoming a move star in Hollywood.

There's just one problem: his parents believe in the Rapture -- and  I mean really believe in the Rapture.  They don't allow him to listen to popular music or go into movie theaters for fear that the acts will corrupt his soul. However, as Aaron grows up, he begins to question his parents' rules and begins to carve out an existence that is just his own. Can Aaron toe the line at home and at school while still being himself?

Hartzler's memoir is a moving coming-of-age story about family and personal discovery. Timeless in its accessibility, Rapture Practice shows us that even when we lose our faith we can always have faith in ourselves.
-- Brooke Hadder