Cons of Recycling

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Cons of Recycling

Each year, Americans throw away tons of amounts of waste. Instead of sending the waste to the landfill, some practice recycling.

Recycling can be defined as a process that turns one manufactured product, such as paper or glass, into another product. Products are changed into new ones by mechanical or chemical methods. The positive effects of recycling are always told, however the challenges are just as important too.

Within the process of recycling, there are many negative factors that contradict whether recycling really helps the environment and the people in it. Recycling is not the most time-, quality-, cost-, or environmentally efficient. Just as much as it helps the environment, it hurts it as well.

To find out more about the challenges of recycling in more detail, check out some of these titles that are located at your local library.

Garbage and Recycling: Opposing ViewpointsRecycling Waste
by Eleanor J. Hall
JUV 363.72 HALL
Garbage and Recycling:
Opposing Viewpoints

by Helen Cothran
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by Ellen Rodger