Writing From the Heart

Petworth Library

Writing From the Heart

A Writer's Workshop for the Mature and Motivated

handwritingAre you 50+ years old and have a story you’d love to put down on paper, share with friends, family, your community, (or dream of selling via Amazon)? Are you currently writing or would you like to begin a short story, novel, or screenplay? 

For 12 weeks -- every Saturday, Aug. 31 to Nov. 16 -- from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., we will host a 12-week writing workshop. No experience is needed; this workshop is for someone with little to no writing background.

Don't write alone! Join the group! There's so many benefits:
  • Become inspired and inspire others
  • Feel encouraged and optimistic about fulfilling your writing goals
  • Get helpful feedback from others
Call 202.243.1187 to register by Aug. 29. There is limited enrollment available, so please register soon.