Meet Willie!

Mt. Pleasant Library

Meet Willie!

A Mount Pleasant Library Volunteer

Photo of Willie the dog

Willie is a PAL dog and visits the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library when his schedule permits.
Here are ten facts about Willie the small, white doggie:
  1. Willie is 15 years old.
  2. Willie’s full name is "Sweet Prince William the Lion-Hearted."
  3. Willie is the “sweetest dog ever” (according to his dear owner Mary).
  4. Willie is a rescue dog.  He was adopted when he was approximately one year old.
  5. Willie does not have any teeth; the veterinarian pulled them all two years ago.
  6. Willie’s food is soaked in water to make it soft for him to eat.
  7. Willie has exceptionally pleasant breath.
  8. Willie is of uncertain descent.
  9. Willie is very patient and excellent company.
  10. Willie loves to have boys and girls read to him.
To meet Willie in person, please come to our PAL Pajama Party on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.
And, to learn more about Willie, read his diary entries:
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Photo of Willie the dogPhoto of Willie the dog