Spotlight on Databases: Global Issues in Context

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Spotlight on Databases: Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context
We may not want to admit it, but school is just about to start. That means getting into the routine of doing homework assignments again!

One database I always recommend to teens who are doing reports is Gale Global Issues in Context. This is a great resource for students because it lists sources by type in their search results. 

Does the teacher require sources to be from academic journals? Global Issues in Context has resources from news, magazine, academic journals and more -- even podcasts, radio and video clips for many topics. Students can choose which types of sources they want to use for their report.

Another reason I like this database is because it has such a variety of topics and the ability to browse. Often students are able to choose a topic to write about, but they're not sure where to start, or if they'll be able to find enough information about the topic. With this database, they can browse by topic or by world region for tons of ideas to get them started.

The layout and graphics are attractive and the sources are kept very up to date in this easy to use database.

When you get that first research assignment this fall, remember to check out Global Issues in Context.