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Gerbil Diaries

Summer Edition

Salt and Pepa, the library gerbils, begging for a CheerioDay 1: Ah the dog days of summer... Well I don't know what dogs do in the summer besides sweat and drool, but we gerbils have it good. At least Salt and I do. We get to hang out all day in the nice, cool library, and it seems like every day we get even more fans. The librarians tell us not to get too big headed or we won't be able to fit through our tunnel. The kids are in to do Summer Reading not to admire us and tell us how cute we are. (I think they're just jealous.)

Day 2: Some kids stopped by our house and read us Night of the Living Gerbil. Salt got too scared and hid in the house. I'm tough though and stuck it out. The book smelled amazing, but the kids didn't let us have even a nibble. Bummer.

Day 3: Inspired by our scary story time, started listening to Welcome to Night Vale. [Ms. Theresa says: This is recommended for parents, not young children.] Salt spent the whole podcast with his paws over his ears. What a scaredy gerbil! I don't know how we're related. It's a pretty awesome podcast. Wish it was a book though. Bet it'd be delicious.

Day 4: Salt and I dragged together a display of our favorite books for the kids. Salt loves Donde esta Max? since he's been learning Spanish. I'm a fan of Cinnamon's Day Out

Day 5: Roamed the library in our exercise balls today. There's nothing like the feel of wind in our fur and carpet under our paws. 

Day 6: Still really digging Freegal. Just used it to download Daft Punk's Get Lucky. Loving the jam but the lyrics could use some work. I'm thinking:

We're up all night 'til the sun
We're up all night to get crumbs
We're up all night for good fun
We're up all night to get Lucky (Charms)

Day 7: Helped the librarians plan the Shaw Library end of summer Pirate Party. We're working on aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pirate talk. And our costumes. Salt's really into this hat we pinned for inspiration. Aug. 26 can't come soon enough! And we really wanna see all your costumes! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!

--From the Paws of Pepa 

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