Weeding and Beading Jewelry Class For Beginners

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Weeding and Beading Jewelry Class For Beginners

Teens Only

jewelryIn the beginning level jewelry making class, you will learn the basic techniques.

During the four-day course, you will create a minimum of one professional project (for example, a bracelet) while learning different layouts. Learn the proper tool techniques and safety practices which will allow you to express yourself artistically in beading.

Beginning students receive precise directions, but are provided with the opportunity to utilize their creativity.

You will be introduced to all the wonderful tools every Thursday for the month of September. Each session will increase your tool skills and knowledge. I do encourage you to bring in any old beads that you might want to re-bead.

Classes begin on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 4 p.m.