Gratitude for Our Grand-Friends: A Story Time Circle

Petworth Library

Gratitude for Our Grand-Friends: A Story Time Circle

Monday, Sept. 9, 2013, 5 p.m.

grandad&girlNational Grandparent's Day is a secular holiday that has been celebrated in the United States on the first Sunday following Labor Day since 1978. It aims to educate youth about the important contributions seniors have made and continue to make throughout history. In recognition of their valued role within our communities, youth are urged to "adopt" a grandparent, not just for one day a year, but rather for a lifetime.

Petworth's Mature and Motivated and Children's Services are collaborating to offer a special multi-generational story time to honor the grandparents and mature adult friends in our lives! All children should invite their grandparents (or another senior friend) to join them for this program. All participants are asked to bring a favorite picture of their grandparent to share aloud in our family Story Time circle. Together we will read books that featured children who have special relationships with their grand-friends. A take-home thematic activity will also be incorporated into the program.

Ages 4 to 8 are welcome and must be accompanied by an adult. We will meet in the Children's Programming room on the second floor. In the meantime, have a Happy Grandparents' Day!