Murder in the Yoga Store

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Murder in the Yoga Store

True Crime hits close to home in this thriller

Cover art for "Murder in the Yoga Store"With summer winding down and transitioning to fall, there's only a few short weeks to indulge in summer's best guilty pleasure -- true crime.  Local author Peter Ross Range delivers just in time, with his book Murder in the Yoga Store.  

For those familiar with the case, Range delves in to the crimes and trial of Brittany Norwood for the now infamous Lululemon murder in Bethesda, Md. Even though the details of the event have long been made public, Murder in the Yoga Store reads much like a suspense novel. Moving quickly from a Whodunnit-mystery and focusing on the forever perplexing question of why, readers will not be disappointed when picking up this quick read.  

However, this book is not for the faint of heart and at times the graphic nature of Norwood's crime crosses over the line to downright horrific.  Still, Range deals with the case with both curiosity and tasteful reporting -- immortalizing one of the strangest and most gruesome crimes of the decade.
-- Brooke Hadder