Avast! A Pirate Party Success!

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Avast! A Pirate Party Success!

Pirate party books, snacks, and decorationsIt was a right fine sight to see so many of our readers, frequent story time attendees, and parents at our End of Summer Reading Pirate Party!

Everyone had on their most seaworthy pirate costumes complete with eye patches, bandanas, and sailor stripes ahoy. The older pirates participated in a swashbuckling information treasure hunt, learning about the diet of pirates and their parrot friends, and the meaning of scurvy. There was plenty of lemon grog on hand to ward off the dreaded disease, and some Pirate's Booty snacks so we didn't have to resort to hardtack.

The younger shipmates colored shipwreck scenes, and everyone had a chance to make their very own pirate hat and pirate flag, try out fierce pirate approved temporary tattoos, read books about pirate adventures, and work as one crew on coloring pirate captain posters for display.    

A hearty thanks to all the pirates who came out, the library staff, and of course, the Friends of the Shaw Library! 

We wish our pirate crew smooth sailing into the new school year!