Announcing the Summer Reading Raffle Winner

Tenley-Friendship Library

Announcing the Summer Reading Raffle Winner

A great way to end the summer!

WBecketandkindlehen Becket S.’s mom brought him to the Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library library on Aug. 28 and told him the librarian needed to talk to him, he had no idea what to expect. Did he have an overdue book? Had he been seen running?

One of the children’s librarians, Miss Megan, asked Becket if he remembered what the prize for the summer reading raffle was, and could he guess who had won it? Becket guessed his younger brother Nicholas, but it was actually him!

Becket S. is the winner of the Kindle Fire raffle for finishers in DC Public Library’s 2013 Summer Reading program. He was so surprised! “I really didn’t think it would be me,” he said. Becket did a lot of reading on the couch and in the car on the way to the beach over the summer and said that one of his favorite books he read was The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan.

Besides reading and going to the beach, one of Becket’s favorite activities from this past summer was going to California and visiting with a friend from the first grade. Becket says that once he gets his new Kindle Fire all set up, he’ll come back to the library to see how to borrow ebooks from the library, but the first thing he downloads will probably be a Mickey Mouse book for his little brother.

Congratulations Becket and thank you to all the participants of this year’s DCPL Summer Reading Program!

Have a great school year and we hope you’re looking forward to next summer at the library!