A Book Hanging in Space

Lamond-Riggs Library

A Book Hanging in Space

Young Patrons at Lamond Riggs

Hanging book
A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
"Look ... .there's the sky!" A young girl pointed and then exclaimed, "... and there's a book. But I can't read it." 

"Let's read our books," said her older sister.
They then sat down and opened A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. This is a funny story about Camilla Cream, who wants to be like everyone else until one day she can no longer recognize herself. Be assured, however, that this story ends with all set right.

Author Anna McQuinn captures the wonder of exploring a library with her books Lola at the Library and Lola Loves Stories.

Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinnLola Loves Stories by Anna McQuinn
In the first story, Lola and her Mommy walk to the library near their house and choose books to read.

In Lola Loves Stories, discover how a father reading to his daughter enables her to transform into a fairy princess. On the the following day, mom's reading enables Lola to fly a plane.

An invitation is extended to all to visit the Lamond Riggs Library and take home books that will renew your wonder and understandings.
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