Scratching Your Head Over eReader Downloads?

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Scratching Your Head Over eReader Downloads?

One-on-one help is on the way!

Multi Color Question Marks, art by Tamara SuttleAll thumbs when it comes to eReader downloads?  Shy with technology, but want to read books, see movies, and hear music for free online?  Great with technology, but just can't get the frakking download process to work? 

Well, it's not you, it's the technology.  Downloading from the library website is not an intuitive process, but accomplish it once and you'll be a pro. The Digital Commons offers two ways to learn how. 

Customers are welcome to drop-in to our weekly eReader Show & Tell, held every Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 2 pm. 

Individuals who desire one-on-one help are welcome to schedule a half-hour Saturday session online. These eReader Appointment Sessions will allow customers to receive uninterrupted troubleshooting and instruction by dedicated staff. Attendees should come prepared with library card, device(s) or laptop, and all necessary passwords.

Groups interested in eReader demonstration sessions are encouraged to attend the Tuesday eReader Show & Tell, or to submit an email request for an hour-long weekday appointment session.

For more information, please contact the Digital Commons at 202-727-1175 and ask for Jo or Michelle.