Nice to Meet You!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Nice to Meet You!

New Faces in Teen Space and the Children's Room

This is Ms. Cassie.  Nice to meet you!Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library!  What's your name?  Where are you from?
Cassie Freeman, from Chicago.

Nice to meet you, Cassie!  What's something fun you've done in the District so far?
I had lunch at the Portrait Gallery.

Do you have any intriguing library plans up your sleeve?
I'd like to do an Engineering Design Challenge for kids this Fall.

What's your favorite vegetable?
You're gonna laugh, but it's Brussels sprouts.  Well, I like artichokes, too -- hmm, hard decision.

...and your least favorite way to cook it?
Probably boiled.

Alrighty!  I'll make sure I never bring in boiled Brussels sprouts for your birthday.  Oh, by the way -- what should we name our new shark??

Stop in to say hi to Ms. Cassie, and make sure to check back later for more enthralling interviews!