S.T.E.M. for Early Learners

Petworth Library

S.T.E.M. for Early Learners

(Focusing on Math and Sciences with your bright beginners)

S.T.E.M. stands for the studies of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This term is typically used for curricula, educational policies implemented within all core subjects in schools from kindergarten through college. Several middle schools and high schools in the U.S. have emphasized a S.T.E.M. curriculum to help bolster students' skills and raise the nation's competitiveness in math and sciences.

Parents of young children frequently stop by the library asking for "books that will help children understand math and science better." We hear you! Below are several picture book titles that promote an early awareness and further exploration of science and math concepts in engaging ways for Pre-K to second grade.

Click the titles for a synopsis and stop by Petworth Library to pick up these titles and more!

Pre-K/K Math Concepts: Calendar, Colors, Shapes, Grouping, Counting, Comparisons...museum shapesFirst-Second Grade Math Concepts: Skip Counting, Arithmetic, Telling Time, Monetary Value and Calculation...Sea SumsPreK-K Science/Technology Concepts: Weather, Stars & Planets, Living/Non-Living, Magnets, Blocks & Towers...First - Second Grade Science/Engineering Concepts: Solar System Intro, Basic Physical & Life Sciences, Systems and Cycles...