'The Everything Running Book'

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'The Everything Running Book'

"Get thee to a runnery"

The Everything Running Book by Art LibermanNow that the dog days of summer have come and gone you may be feeling more inclined to get out and exercise. Seize the feeling that comes with this beautiful late summer weather and start moving!

Jog down to the Bellevue Neighborhood Library and check out The Everything Running Book by Art Liberman for a little inspiration and to bust a few common myths about running. Written by a professional marathon trainer, this book focuses on avoiding injury and setting yourself up for success by starting slow and building up your base mileage incrementally.

Did you know most new runners should spend the first few weeks by walking and not actually running until their bodies have acclimated to the impact? Or that knee injuries, the most commonly cited concern for non-runners, are more often than not caused by weak leg muscles and not the actual motions of running? Check out this fantastic and accessible book to get yourself inspired to walk and run your way to greatness!

Already out pounding the pavement? Check out RunKeeper.com (or download the app to a smartphone) for a free and incredibly easy way of logging your routes and exercise progress.