The Wednesday Night Liar's Club

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

The Wednesday Night Liar's Club

The Fine Art of Persuasion

Liar's Club logoOn Wednesday, Oct. 16, we will conduct a social experiment celebrating the tall tale.

The Wednesday Night Liar’s Club will meet  for one hour in A-9, located on the lower level, at 6 p.m.  There, Washingtonians will be invited to share false narratives with one another about their lives.  At the end of the hour, the staff moderator will take two votes of the participants, aka "The Court." The teller who presented the most obvious lie will be elected "The Jester"; the teller who presented the best, or most "believable" lie will be elected "The Regal." 

The winners get bragging rights for the evening.  The winners will each also receive a small token of our esteem created on the 3-D Printer in the Digital Commons.

Adults are welcome to attend and participate; no registration is needed.

So, come to the experiment and remember that just because a tale is mythic doesn't mean it isn't true.