Nice to Meet You!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Nice to Meet You!

New animals in the Children's Room

There are a lot of new faces to see in the Children’s Room – and not all of them are human!

I talked to our new animal friends myself to see how they're adjusting.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Wallace the Shark and Baby Giraffe!

Wallace the library sharkHello, Mr. Wallace!  How do you like life in the Children’s Room?
It’s a little dry for my taste, but not bad.

Where did you live before moving here?
I’m part of a little-known Great White community inhabiting the Potomac, Anacostia and most public pools.  Just kidding, hahahaha!! I’m from Australia.

What’s your favorite part about living in the library?
I love it when kids play with me, and learn that sharks don’t always have to be scary. Even though I could eat them in two seconds.

But that’s still scary!
::sighs::  I’m trying to change. 

Baby Giraffe at home in the libraryHello, Baby Giraffe!  Welcome to the world!

Mmm, yes.  I forgot that you really are just a little baby!

I bet you love to sing, talk and read, Baby Giraffe!
Oh, yes! Early literacy is the best! Flaaa-loo-lah-gurglegurgle.


Make sure to stop by in the Children's Room and say hello to our new friends!