'The Brontes' by Juliet Barker

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'The Brontes' by Juliet Barker

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The Brontes coverAlthough the Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) only wrote a few novels in between them, their names remain well-known in English literature. Over time, many myths and gossip grew to surround the family, which persisted over the years. In 1994, Juliet Barker, who had worked as curator in in the Bronte Parsonage Museum, published a definitive biography of this famous literary family.

In this second, revised edition of The Brontes, Barker included new material not in the 1994 edition. Barker explains in her preface that it was overdue for a new edition and about the material she found was not available to her when she first published the biography.

Since I have read each of the sisters' novels, I eagerly read this book to learn more them. I learned a great deal about the Bronte family and their world.  It was fascinating to see how the sisters' writings matured and what influenced them when they wrote their novels.  Of her siblings, Charlotte lived the longest, so there are more details about her.

It's a lengthy and worthwhile read and includes illustrations to complement the text.

-- Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian