Banned Books Week Kids' Crusade

Shepherd Park/Juanita E. Thornton Library

Banned Books Week Kids' Crusade

Kids' Book Club: Freedom to Read Celebration

Captain UnderpantsHey kids, did you know that some grown-ups don't want you reading Captain UnderpantsIn fact, a LOT of grown-ups don't want you reading Captain Underpants. Some adults found this series SO offensive that they have demanded it's removal from schools and libraries in many places across the country.

Did you also know that some grown-ups HATE it when you read Junie B. Jones! Yes, that's right! Junie B. Jones!

In fact, I happen to have Junie right here. I've asked her what she thinks about the fact that she's been accused of encouraging bad spelling habits in children. She says "That is like SO super S-T-O-O-P-I-D."

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
? Too scary for you, my friends. You can't handle it. It will give you nightmares. It will rot your brain. It MAY even turn you EVIL. Yep. That's what some grown-ups think. They don't want you or any children anywhere to own, read or see these books.

Are you going to stand for that?! Would Captain Underpants stand for that?! But, HOW do we stop this injustice?!! you ask.

Stop by the Juanita E. Thornton Shepherd Park Library during Banned Books Week Sept. 22-28 to learn what other children's books grown-ups don't want you to see and to let others know that you support your freedom to read. Ask a librarian for a children's book that's been banned or challenged, take it home, revel in your right to read this book.

Then come to the library on Monday, Oct. 7th, dressed as your favorite "challenged book" character, for a very special kids' book club celebration. The celebration will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room, and will include pizza, games, and discussion.

Best for children ages 6-12.