Giggle Reads from Mrs. Jess

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Giggle Reads from Mrs. Jess

Book cover for the Incredibles: Family MattersThe movie The Incredibles was a laugh-filled treat for those who love superheroes. But what if you didn’t want the adventures of Jack-Jack, the shy Violet or the energetic Flash to end?

The answer: Read the graphic novels. The adventures of this superhero family are continued in the graphic novel, The Incredibles: Family Matters by Mark Waid.

The Incredibles continue to work as a crime fighting team. But at the same time, they struggle with trying to be a normal family. And then, new neighbors move in next door and befriend them. It seems like a chance to be normal. Their new friends even bring cookies over daily to share. 

But the Incredibles superhero life is sneaking farther and farther into their regular life. There seems to be something wrong with Mr. Incredible’s super powers. He feels them slowly disappearing. How will he lead his team without super strength? And who is behind all this mayhem?

Join the Incredibles for some witty remarks and funny times in Family Matters by Mark Waid.