Meditation for Health, Inner Wealth, and Well-Being

Palisades Library

Meditation for Health, Inner Wealth, and Well-Being

David Newcomb - Instructor

Photo of man meditating at sunsetJoin us Tuesdays, Oct. 1, 8, and 15, at 7 p.m. with instructor David Newcomb who has been meditating for over 36 years. Mr. Newcomb will demonstrate a simple, time-tested meditation technique and explore how it can positively impact both our professional and personal lives.

Each of us has unique gifts and a special place and purpose in this world. Too often however, our lives are overwhelmed with relentless anxiety, worry and lack of love. If we could find the time to search within ourselves we would realize all glory, peace, and happiness lie within us. True health cannot be achieved without the help of the spirit. It is the spirit which enlivens and sustains the body and mind both.

Learn a powerful meditation practice and quiet time for reflection and silence.