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Library Associate Justin Pair shares his reading list with you

the son by philipp meyer book coverThe Son 
by Philipp Meyer

Comanche Indian captive Eli McCullough must carve a place for himself in a world in which he does not fully belong -- a journey of adventure, tragedy, hardship, grit, and luck that reverberates in the lives of his progeny.

When making the decision to read this book, I was in dire need of a good western novel. This definitely satisfied that need.

This book is long, but you are rewarded with very descriptive writing, an interesting story, and a satisfying ending.
The dog stars book coverThe Dog Stars
by Peter Heller

A riveting, powerful novel about a pilot living in a world filled with loss—and what he is willing to risk to rediscover, against all odds, connection, love, and grace. Narrated by a man who is part warrior and part dreamer, a hunter with a great shot and a heart that refuses to harden, The Dog Stars is both savagely funny and achingly sad, a breathtaking story about what it means to be human.

I selected this book because I wanted a typical dystopian novel. What I got was a dystopian novel, but with a different feel and vibe from others I have read before.

There is a dreariness and coldness you expect, but also a lot of warmth and good vibes to the book overall.
big data book coverBig Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think
by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier

A revelatory exploration of the hottest trend in technology and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science, and society at large.

This is a extremely hot subject not only in the technology sector but also with everyday citizens. The phrase "big data" is thrown around a lot but often lacks meaning and context behind it.

This books helps clear up the confusion with real-world examples and explanations.
mosquito coast book coverMosquito Coast by Paul Theroux

Disgusted with modern American culture, Allie Fox takes his family to live in the jungles of Central America.

This is a very curious book. It can be very funny, disgusting, and scary in the same paragraph. It is well written, although there were a handful of times when reading the book that I felt like it could have ended sooner than it did.