Get Scared - Halloween is Coming!

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Get Scared - Halloween is Coming!


Halloween is a fun holiday - what could be better than costumes and candy!? Here are some recommendations of books and movies to help get you in the mood to have a spooky, scary, and super-fun time:

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
World War Z
Always October
The Exorcist - novel
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark have been frightening children for decades. While these collections of tales by Alvin Schwartz were recently released with new -- and somewhat less scary -- images, many of our libraries still have the old covers! Bruce Coville was one of my favorite childhood authors, and one of his newer books, Always October, deals with best friends Jake and Lily's attempt to save a baby monster.

Neil Gaiman is probably best known for his adult writing, but he's written some great Halloween-appropriate children's books, like the Newberry Award-winning The Graveyard Book.

There's lots of Halloween-appropriate adult literature out there, too. World War Z is one of the most intense war novels I've ever read... and it's about the war against the zombies. I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to read a lot of horror novels, but many classic horror movies were books first, including The Exorcist and Jaws.

While Monsters, Inc. isn't scary, its story of two monsters and what happens after a little girl doesn't find them frightening is a great movie for the whole family to watch together. Coraline is another great kids' movie, although it's a lot creepier than Monsters, Inc!

Most scary movies aren't so family friendly, though. Some of my favorites better wait until the kids go to bed, especially Cabin in the Woods and Scream, both of which brilliantly deconstruct horror movie tropes in very different ways.

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween at your library?
-- Ms. Sho, Children's Librarian