Adaptive Services Children's Recommendation

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Adaptive Services Children's Recommendation

"The Borrowers"

Cover page of "The Borrowers" by Mary NortonDear LBPH Kids,

Our Adaptive Services Division children’s book recommendation for September is The Borrowers. This is the first book in The Borrowers series by Mary Norton.  If you have ever wondered where all your pins, pennies, and pencils have disappeared to even though you can vouch that you remember where you last saw them, then this book is for you.
The Borrowers is a winner of the Carnegie medal. It is also a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award book; and an ALA distinguished book.  It describes the lives and adventures of a miniature family who live in an old country house and survive by borrowing things from the humans. It also provides details on their emigration from their home under the clock after they were seen by the humans.

This item is available on E-audio and print in the DC Public Library collection and as BR 12991 and DB/RC 51409 in the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped collection.
-- Rose Asuquo, Adaptive Services Librarian