'Looking at Lincoln' by Maira Kalman

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'Looking at Lincoln' by Maira Kalman

Looking at Lincoln book coverDid you know that Abraham Lincoln was over seven feet tall when he wore his famous hat? Did you know he decided to become a lawyer after being kicked in the head by a horse?

Maira Kalman’s picture book biography, Looking at Lincoln, reads in the way a young reader’s mind wanders; uniformly printed facts are accompanied by handwritten musing of Abraham Lincoln’s life:
  • Did he and his wife have nicknames for each other?
  • What should he get his son for his birthday?  

Kalman’s vibrant paintings leap off the page, giving color and life to a man we have come to recognize from austere, grey photographs. Kids who haven't read this book will want to, and the ones who have will want to read it again. 

A wonderful supplement to any Lincoln biography, Looking at Lincoln will delight readers of many ages.