'Just My Type' by Simon Garfield

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'Just My Type' by Simon Garfield

Just My Type Book CoverWhat's your type? Do you go for the traditional, classic type -- the kind that looks like it just came from Ancient Greece and Mount Olympus?
Or are you more of a new age person, attracted to the strong Germanic type?
Maybe you go for the nerdy ones, the ones that look like a computer program.

Oh, did you think I was talking about people? I was talking about type! Letters, fonts, typefaces. Simon Garfield's Just My Type is a wonderful introduction to the history of type and some of typography's most famous designers. Who could have known the world's perception of Microsoft would be so changed by Comic Sans? Or that the face of the New York Subway System would be revitalized by a typeface designed in Switzerland? 

You'll find you look at signs, documents, even your own handwriting with a more critical eye.

So, I'll ask you again, what's your type?