The Art and Stories of Yuyi Morales

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

The Art and Stories of Yuyi Morales

Saturday, October 5th, 10 am

photograph of yuyi moralesMexican-born author, artist and storyteller Yuyi Morales spoke little English when she moved to California with her American husband and young son and missed her family and friends. To lift her spirits, her mother-in-law encouraged Yuyi to visit the public library. The books she found there inspired her to make her own paper and puppets, paint and, eventually, write and illustrate her own award-winning picture books. 

Join us Oct. 5 for our inaugural Saturday Morning Story Time as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with one our most accomplished writer illustrators.

Nino Wrestles the WorldMy AbuelitaLittle nightJust a MinuteJust in Case
Niño Wrestles the World My AbuelitaLittle NightJust A MinuteJust In Case