Nice to Meet You!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Nice to Meet You!

New faces in the Children's Room and Teen Space

Whitney and a giraffe in Children'sAlong with our new, expanded library hours, we are happy to have so many fabulous new employees!
Here is an interview with one of our new library associates. 

Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library!  What's your name? 

Nice to meet you, Whitney!  What's your favorite thing to learn about in the whole, wide world?
That's a tough one.  Definitely cultures, because then you get to learn about other things, too.

Do you have any intriguing library plans up your sleeve?
Well, I want to start a recurring program for teens to talk about current events.  A teen "salon," if you will. 

I know you're highly qualified in the field of geography.  Do you have a favorite geographic feature?
I'm a big fan of mountain ranges. 

And what about a least favorite way to traverse them?
Not gonna lie, I don't enjoy driving across them.

Thank you, Whitney!  And welcome to the library!

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