'Why We Broke Up' by Daniel Handler

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'Why We Broke Up' by Daniel Handler

Why We Broke Up book coverDo you remember your first love? The good times, the feeling that nothing could go wrong? Do you remember its fragility and the fear it may all fall to pieces? Most importantly, do you remember what happened when it ended?

Min has gathered every relic of her relationship with Ed, from bottle caps to tickets stubs, wood files to blazers, a love note and the conspicuous absence of a stolen umbrella, and placed them in a box. Each is a reminder of her time with Ed, and as the meaning behind each item is explained, the story of their relationship becomes more clear.

In Why We Broke Up, author Daniel Handler (known by many as Lemony Snicket, author of the Series of Unfortunate Events) and illustrator Maira Kalman have crafted a story that may remind you of your own first heartbreak.

After finishing the award-winning novel, check out the Why We Broke Up Project on Tumblr, where readers can submit their own breakup stories, and take comfort in knowing others (even famous authors) have gone through similar experiences.