National Picture Book Month

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National Picture Book Month

Happy October! Celebrate the Second Annual National Picture Book Month with some of these fantastic picture books/graphic novels. Don’t worry, even if you’re an adult, you’re allowed to read them! If you’re at all a fan of empowering books with fantastic illustrations, please check out some of the titles below!

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild Book CoverMr. Tiger Goes Wild 
by Peter Brown

Following a repetitious pattern of unfulfilling days, Mr. Tiger follows his instincts and finds the ability to be himself.

When others disapprove of who he is and who he wants to be, he heads to the wild. Will he come back, and how will he find the world changed because of his actions?

For these very complicated questions and answers, or to just delve into an account of a rule-breaking and fun tiger, pick up Mr. Tiger Goes Wild from the Library.

The Bramble Book CoverThe Bramble 
by Lee Nordling and Bruce Zick

When you feel like an outsider, and are treated as an outsider, life can seem incredibly hard.

As the protagonist in this sparse novel shows, we are capable of incredible growth with the addition of a little self-confidence and some friends to stand behind us. When we are reaching for greatness, we need to rely on what is inside of us and must not be afraid to go where we have not been, to stand up against fear, and to trust that we are capable of being open to new people.

Definitely take a look at this great book if you are interested in art and/or fantasy.

The First Drawing Book CoverThe First Drawing 
by Mordicai Gerstein

If breath is what sustains our bodies, then imagination is, more often than not, what keeps us going mentally. In understanding this human impulse to create, Caldecott Medalist Mordicai Gerstein gives us a depiction of what could have prompted the first drawing, many many years ago by a member of the human race.

Able to see things that others can’t and in ways they can’t, the child protagonist in this story processes the world in a way that makes him need to present it to others as he sees it – prompting creative expression and a physical example of art.

Thematically touching on the creative impulse, which dictates so much of our experience today as human beings, this book itself is rich in imagination with whimsical illustrations and an exploration of individual identity and its expression. If you believe in the power of art, you should definitely read this book.