'Memories of a Marriage' by Louis Begley

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'Memories of a Marriage' by Louis Begley

Cover image for Memories of a marriageMemories of a Marriage is a book written in a style of its own, direct with an economy of words -- yet so descriptive and alive.

This was my first exposure to the author Louis Begley and it was, in my opinion, a good book to start with.

The book is written from the perspective of Phillip, who happens to be a writer. At the theater one night, he runs into Lucy de Bourgh, an old friend from his younger days. Phillip is alone now that his wife has passed on and so the reader thinks that the old friends might get together, and they do.

Lucy invites Phillip to her apartment, ordering him to make all the drinks. She surprises Phillip when she claims that Thomas, her ex-husband and Phillip’s friend, was a monster. Phillip is stunned and finds Lucy’s account of their marriage unbelievable, since he knew Thomas as a thoughtful, kind person with a mild personality.

Lucy insists that Phillip know all about their failed marriage and, at first against his will, Phillip becomes more and more involved in finding out what exactly happened in his friends’ marriage.

This book is very well written and effortless to read.

Begley is the author of About Schmidt, As Max Saw It and The Man Who Was Late, among others.
-- Hanife Conry