'Ripley Under Ground' by Patricia Highsmith

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'Ripley Under Ground' by Patricia Highsmith

Staff recommendation

Cover image for Ripley under groundNo other writer can write a gruesome story about a disturbing main character who commits terrible acts and still command sympathy from the reader. If you've seen the movie or read the prequel, The Talented Mr. Ripley, you will know what I mean. Tom Ripley is just trying to get ahead and have what all the rich, upper class have.

In Ripley Under Ground, Tom is married and has reached his goal of living like a wealthy country gentleman. He can hop onto a train or plane on a whim and draw from his bank account to buy gifts for his wife and himself whenever he wants. His wealth is generated from his association with Dickie Greenleaf, and other shady dealings.

But he is about to be exposed and lose everything.

Tom cannot allow this to happen and finds he must commit one gruesome act after another. What the reader has to admire about him is the way he always keeps his head and has a plan every step of the way.

Read this book and you will be looking for more books written by Patricia Highsmith.
-Hanife Conry