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'The Bone Season' by Samantha Shannon

Cover of the book, the Bone Season by Samantha ShannonBeing clairvoyant means hiding your gifts well and or living in the shadows of society, because if Scion catches you, it could mean your life.

In 2059, a young lieutenant of a powerful crime syndicate is beginning to come into her extraordinary clairvoyant gifts. Called the Pale Dreamer, she enjoys her hard and risky life amongst London's underground elite and feels no regrets about abandoning a more comfortable life under the protection of her unknowing Scion-employed father.

She's smart and resourceful, but one evening she takes one too many chances, and Bone Season XX begins with an unheard of prize, a clairvoyant of the highest degree, a dreamwalker who could change everything -- but for whom?

Samantha Shannon begins a series with appeal to teens and adults alike. This page-turner will leave you wanting more.