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Molly's Pilgrim

My Favorite Thanksgiving Story

Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara CohenMy favorite Thanksgiving story is a non-traditional one.

Molly’s Pilgrim
by Barbara Cohen is about a young immigrant from Russia assigned to make a Pilgrim doll for a class project. After explaining to her mother what the Thanksgiving holiday is and what it celebrates, her mother makes a doll dressed in Russian clothing instead. When Molly brings it to school, she is teased for not understanding the assignment, but explains that her mother is also a pilgrim, because she fled Russia because of religious discrimination and came to America to be free, just like the Pilgrims of the Thanksgiving story.

This is a great book for late elementary students, and can stimulate thoughtful discussions about bullying, immigration, and American values. There’s even a short movie version!
Do you have a favorite holiday story?
-- Ms. Sho, Children's Librarian