'The Seven Days' by R. Kayeen Thomas

Francis A. Gregory Library

'The Seven Days' by R. Kayeen Thomas

A Book Discussion in Celebration of Black History Month

The Seven Days by R. Kayeen ThomasLast March, the Francis A. Gregory Library had the pleasure of hosting D.C. native and local author, R. Kayeen Thomas, at the monthly adult book club meeting to discuss his award-winning novel, Antebellum. A 2013 NAACP Image Award Nominee for Outstanding Debut Author and 2013 Wheatley Award Nominee for First Fiction, R. Kayeen Thomas has been an ambitious author for many years, self-publishing his first book, Light: Stories Of Urban Resurrection, during his junior year at Carleton College.

In celebration of Black History Month, R. Kayeen Thomas will return to Francis A. Gregory Library on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m. to discuss his latest novel and prequel to his critically acclaimed novel Antebellum, The Seven Days, which tells the story of two men in modern society who become possessed by the spirits of dead slaves. Though they have never met, their shared bloodline is one of African royalty, and this bloodline makes them both susceptible to a condition known as "The Seven Days," which allows their bodies to be possessed by their ancestors. 

When both men lose everything, the Seven Days take hold of them, but will the condition redeem them or consume them? Unlike anything you have read before, The Seven Days will leave you with an appreciation of your past and your present.

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