Have You Met...?

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Have You Met...?

Suzanne Fonzi, one of the new faces in Special Collections

SF Headshot

So Suzanne, tell us about yourself?
I recently graduated from Georgetown University, where I majored in English. I grew up in Northern Virginia, so I really haven’t gone too far from home for school or work!

What’s your job title in Special Collections?
I’m a library associate. I’m told that John and I are the first associates that Special Collections has ever had, so we get to help define what exactly that means. 

Do you have any expectations for your job?
So far my job has defied all my expectations. I think a lot of people – including myself – have a ‘Marian the Librarian’ perception of all librarians (“For the civilized world accepts as unforgivable sin/ any talking out loud with any librarian”), but really my job so far has very little to do with shushing people!

I get to talk to people working on all kinds of projects and help them find information they’re looking for, which often can be really fun -- especially when we unearth even more resources than they knew they were looking for. So that has been fun, and I’ve also learned about several topics I never would have looked into otherwise.

I’m also being trained to use the Washingtoniana Collection to do genealogies and house histories, which wasn’t something I had anticipated, but is cool.

What things make you happy about your job that might surprise other people?
Well I hope this doesn’t surprise people, but one thing that makes me happy about my job is that the people here have been exceptionally nice!

I also am just starting to work on a project that requires me to go through old newspaper archives and one of my favorite things is looking at old ads. It’s so interesting to see how things were marketed decades ago.

Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Mad Men.

What are some of your favorite hobbies Suzanne?
I like to read (surprising for someone working in a library, I know), and I also enjoy crafting and decorating. I refinished a lot of furniture this summer, and even though it’s a recent development, I think I enjoy it enough and have invested enough time and energy to call it a hobby.

Ok Suzanne, one last question. I heard through the grapevine that you were the editor of your school’s (college) newspaper? Is this true? If so, then tell us more about such an amazing gig!
This is true. I was an editor of The Hoya, which is one of Georgetown’s student newspapers (and the best one for the record ;)). I was a copy editor during most of my time there – so I was a grammar nerd. I also served as the managing editor for a semester, which entailed a little bit of everything.

Working for the paper was one of the best experiences I had in college, and in addition to doing cool work, I made some of my best friends there.

Thanks Suzanne!