New Books to Die For

Want a frightening read to keep you up all night this Halloween season? Luckily for you, many of this fall's hottest new books are totally terrifying!

Check out one of these creepy titles that everyone has been talking about - you'll be sure to want to sleep with your lights on afterwards. 

night film cover
Night Film 
by Marisha Pessl
In one of the season's most talked-about novels, a disgraced reporter is visited by a ghostly figure who turns out to be the suicidal daughter of an infamous horror-filmmaker - the very filmmaker who he was reporting on when his life fell apart.

Sound complicated? Pessl's novel is full of twists and turns as the reporter enters the labyrinthine world of the filmmaker and his fandom. An adrenaline-filled investigation ensues in which the lines between horror, art, films and reality become ever more blurred. 
doctor sleep cover
Doctor Sleep 
by Stephen King
Ever wondered what happened to Danny Torrance, the psychic child from The Shining? In this sequel, he's all grown up and, like his father before him, has battled alcoholism as well as his share of ghosts, both literal and otherwise.

He still "shines," however, and when he meets a young girl with similar powers, he must protect her from those who would prey on her abilities. 

tampa cover

by Alissa Nutting
Alissa Nutting's novel about a beautiful, sociopathic pedophile manages to freak out the reader without having to resort to any supernatural tricks.

A modern retelling of Lolita with the genders switched, the protagonist of this book will make you think of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and cause you to wonder which normal-seeming people are harboring terrible secrets. 
book cover
Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense 
Edited by Sarah Weinman
If you are eagerly counting the months until Gillian Flynn comes out with her next novel, look no further for than this anthology for a fix of just what the title promises -- "troubled daughters" and "twisted wives."

Stories of domestic suspense from authors such as Patricia Highsmith and Shirley Jackson showcase the dark side of the female psyche.