Board Books Get the Classic Treatment

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Board Books Get the Classic Treatment

Once again Early Literacy takes center stage, but this time a New York Times article reviews a recent trend in books for the youngest “readers," board book adaptations of classic novels. Publishers and retailers are reporting huge popularity with this type of adaptation, even titles featuring images by contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Paul Morrison.

But the library wants to emphasize that any reading you do with your little one is important! And we have a great collection of board books that can help you sing, talk and read with your baby or toddler.
When selecting board books for infants, remember that they can best see black and bold bright colors.

We recommend Black on White by Tanya Hoban.
book cover
Infants and toddlers love to see pictures of other babies' faces.

We recommend Global Babies, published by Global Fund for Children.
book cover

Babies are also reaching for things and exploring with their hands. Select board books with texture. We recommend these “touch and feel” books:
book covercover artbook cover
Spot’s First Shapes: A Touch and Feel Book
By Eric Hill
By DK Publishing
Baby’s First Touchy-Feely Book
By Stella Baggott
To fully engage your child in Early Literacy, remember to Sing, Talk and Read to your little one.
  • Singing slows down language and is a fun way to learn new words.
  • Talk with your baby about what you see during your bus ride or about what you are making for dinner.
  • And of course always read to your little one!
For more tips and suggestions visit the library’s Early Literacy LibGuide.