Afternoon Chess Instruction

Cleveland Park Library

Afternoon Chess Instruction

Looking for something to do in the afternoons now that the weather has turned colder? We want to remind everyone that on Wednesday afternoons at 4pm we host a kid's chess class. All ages and skill levels are welcome. And for those afternoons when we don't have class, you can keep up your game with some of our chess instruction books.

cover of starting chessStarting Chess
by Harriet Castor

An inspiring introduction for beginners, Starting Chess covers everything you need to know, from how to set out the pieces to special moves and tactics.

Lively illustrations of snooty queens, cheeky pawns and wise old kings bring the game to life, while simple diagrams make examples and puzzles clear and easy to follow.

The new Internet-linked edition also contains descriptions of fun and informative chess Web sites to visit.

cover of Chess For Kids
Chess for Kids
by Michael Basman

International Master Michael Basman invites you into the challenging and exciting world of chess. His simple and accessible text presents the beginner with the rules, skills, and techniques of the game.

Every aspect is illustrated with clear step-by-step photography, from setting up the board and basic moves, to more advanced tactics and strategy.

A must for any budding Grandmaster!

cover of Winning ChessWinning Chess: Tactics & Strategies
by Ted Nottingham

Kids love to win -- and any kid who has begun (or wants to begin) learning and loving this timeless game will cherish this clever follow-up to Winning Chess Piece by Piece. These brilliant tactics and techniques will hone and develop young players' skills and give their brains a real workout ... while they're having a great time.

They'll learn all the chess master's tricks of the trade: how to calculate moves far in advance, with the help of examples from winning games; strategies used by world champions -- including Gary Kasparov's "discovered check" and "skewer"; improving the pieces to get in the best position to strike; and end-game techniques.

Along the way, quizzes help players chart their progress -- plus you get a "certificate" for successfully completing the "course"! 128 pages.

Cover of Chess: From first moves to checkmateChess: From First Moves to Checkmate
by Daniel King

This new edition of a classic title will seduce a huge range of readers, from novice to intermediate players.

Computer-generated artwork recreates the chessboard, pieces and moves in a wholly original way. Readers will improve their game with graded puzzles, and can brush up on the fascinating history of chess, with features on great players and legendary matches.

-- Summaries of books taken from the DCPL online catalog.